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4 Bollywood Movies You Should Only Watch When You’re Alone!

Bollywood movies have always been considered as safe movies to watch along with your parents, siblings, relatives and friends. Most of the movies involve the mellow drama with some action and few songs to fill in the romance between the lead pairs.  In todays new era the concepts of the movies are more intense, mature and with these factors, the movies today come with lot of bold and steamy scenes. These movies are not something that can be watched along with your family and before turning the DVD on make sure you are strictly all by yourself :

1. Masti Series

Masti series has been known for its adult comedy and over the years the three part series has only gone bolder in their double meaning flicks. From Masti to Grand Masti and Great Grand Masti, none of three movies is such that can be watched even with a sibling of your age. So hey before you turn the movie on, lock the door behind you.

2. Kiya Kool Hain Hum Series

Kya Kool Hain Hum is yet another comedy flick series with a lot of adult comedy in the movie. This movie series can watched with your buddies with similar mindset, but yet again, do not make a mistake of watching it with your siblings or parents.

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