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6 Times When Ayesha Takia Made Headlines

The beginning phase…

Bollywood actress Ayesha Takia started her acting career with ‘Tarzan: The Wonder Car’ for which she even won the Filmfare Best Debut Award. She was applauded for her spectacular performance in Dor(2006) as well. But soon Ayesha tied the knot with politician Abu Azmi’s son Farhan and bid goodbye to her acting career.

1. Twitter war with Siddharth Mallya…

Social Media went into a frenzy when Ayesha Takia had a war of words with Siddharth Mallya, the reason being Ayesha’s sister Natasha who was treated badly while flying in Kingfisher Airlines. She was devastated as her sister’s passport was torn at the airport. Well, Siddharth Mallya didn’t even know who Ayesha Takia was! Ayesha threatened to rant him further in her tweets so that this misbehavior doesn’t happen with somebody else in the future.

2. Supporting Father-In-Law…

Ayesha Takia apparently lost her temper on the political party MNS as she was deeply hurt and shocked by the aggressive behavior of MNS towards Abu Azmi. She lashed out at the party head Raj Thackeray. Her tweets made it very clear that she felt disgusted with how Raj Thackeray’s supporters behaved with Abu Azmi.

3. Breaking the stereotypes…

Ayesha Takia made headlines when she announced her marriage with Farhan Azmi. Many people started speculating about the actress’s profession, and questions were raised about her Bollywood career. But Ayesha broke the stereotypes by letting people know that she would continue doing more and more films, and she loves her profession.

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