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Mithali Raj’s Fans Reply To A Troll Trying To Shame Her Is Winning Twitter

What do you know about Indian women’s cricket team captain Mithali Raj? Do you know she is the youngest female cricketer to score a hundred on her ODI debut? Any idea about her record of scoring most 90+ scores in her career (i.e. five 90s)? I believe you don’t.

But at least now you know that she isn’t just a normal girl who plays cricket. She is so much more than it. So how can anyone let such a woman be disrespected? And this is what Mithali Raj’s fans did when they noticed a man reflecting negative comments on her dressing sense.

Just read the story and know what her fans replied to that comment against her.

Mithali posted this picture on Twitter.

Mithali shared a picture on her Twitter account with the ladies which read “#tb #PostShootSelfie #funtimes #girlstakeover”.

Someone commented on her dressing sense

He said, “Delete it mam, it’s not good! People idolize you but this dressing sense doesn’t.”

And the comments started flowing

It’s the respect for Mithali Raj in the minds of Indians that more than hundreds of comment can be seen arguing with one man who disrespected her.


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