Most Voluptuous Female Celebrities Killing It on Instagram

The girls on this list seem to have it all. They are young, beautiful, and popular. And they have bodies that most of us would kill to have, or have to ourselves.

These are the 12 most voluptuous female celebrities under 30 who are killing it on Instagram:

1. Ariel Winter

Ariel was born and raised in Los Angeles California, and got her start in television early with a Cool Whip commercial at the age of 4 and has achieved major fame as Alex Dunphy on the show Modern Family. When she did a revealing poolside shoot earlier this year, we were all blown away by her gorgeous curves.

2. Dani Mathers

Cognitive dissonance is what psychologists call it when you have two contradictory ideas in your mind at the same time and it makes you uncomfortable.

3. Joselyn Cano

If Instagram followers were votes, Joselyn Cano could be a US Senator of a small state. With 8 million followers on Instagram, you could daresay that Joselyn is hashtag winning. And who could blame any of them.

This 25-year-old California girl of Hispanic descent has one of the most amazing physiques on the planet, particularly her picturesque posterior, which lends her gym-toned body an alluring hourglass shape. She says she’s attracted to guys who are motivated, take care of themselves, and aren’t cheapskates.

4. Mia Khalifa

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