Nokia Reveals The New Design Of Nokia 3310 And Its More Than You Expected

Much sooner than iPhone and Androids, on the off chance that you recollect Nokia used to administer our hearts and psyches. There was a notable telephone called Nokia 3310 which otherwise called the unbreakable telephone.

You will have a hard time believing it however the notable 3310 is back and it looks only the same as the old Nokia 3310

The telephone is accessible in dim and blue and in addition two crisp hues. Nokia 3310 is additionally accessible in orange and yellow at this point

Nokia Reveals The New Design Of Nokia 3310 And Its More Than You Expected

With respect to elements, you will be extremely upbeat to realize that Nokia 3310 has held the marvelous Snake Game for which it was referred to before also. Battery life has been knock up to 1200 mAH which implies that the battery will keep going for a considerable length of time as there are no applications to waste battery on this telephone

#Nokia3310 Got the old one still work’s like a charm. Waiting for the new one to launch in India @nokia @geekyranjit @BeingSwami007

— siddharthghosh (@sidgsh1) February 26, 2017

Concerning the cost of Nokia 3310, it is required to be near Rupees 3500 which is extremely moderate for such a nostalgic telephone. It is safe to say that you will purchase the Nokia 3310 at Rupees 3500?

We are surely going to purchase this telephone for Rupees 3500 and will keep it perpetually in view of it’s nostalgic esteem.

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