Pakistani Actresses Who Smoke And Drink In Real Life

You may have seen Bollywood actresses who smoke in real life but I bet that you haven’t seen any Pakistani actress smoking. But today I am going to share the secret and leaked pictures of Pakistani actresses smoking which will leave you in a state of shock.

After seeing these Pakistani actresses smoking, you will get to know the darker side of the industry. You will be truly surprised to see your favorite actresses smoking.
Pakistani Actresses Who Smoke In Real Life
Humaima Malik

Oh My God! Surprised and Shocked? Well I am very much shocked to see that Humaima Malik also smokes. She is a famous Pakistani and Indian actor but now as time is passing, Humaima Malik is going for bold things. Her bold photoshoots, bold scenes etc are on air.

Ayesha Khan and Sarwat Gillani

Look at this picture, Carefully! Did you saw those cigarettes in the hand of Ayesha Khan and Sarwat Gillani. I bet that you would have never thought of these famous actresses that they even smoke. Uff!

Sanam Baloch

Beautiful and famous Pakistani host, actress Sanam Baloch smoking picture is also finally leaked. She looks super duper and glamorous on screen despite of her smoking habit.

Veena Malik

Veena Malik is the controversial actress of Pakistan. Her bold photos, bold scenes, topless photos are on google so it’s not very much shocking to see Veena Malik smoking.

So ladies and gentlemen these are the Pakistani actresses who smoke in real life. I hope that you are shocked and surprised to see these leaked smoking pictures of famous Pakistani actresses.

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