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Sunny Leone Slapped Her Co-star Rajneesh Duggall At A Pub Watch Video Why?

Hold on, guys! Sunny Leone did slap Rajneesh Duggal, but in a scene for their movie. It was just a demand of the scene that Sunny should slap Rajneesh on the face. Well, Sunny was to do this just once. But in order to get the perfect shot, she did it five more times. Poor Rajneesh!After one take, neither the actors nor the director was satisfied with the shot. So the gorgeous actress was directed to slap Rajneesh aggressively and with full strength for the right shot.

Handsome hunk Rajneesh Duggal and Bollywood’s one of the hottest actress Sunny Leone – who wouldn’t love this awesome couple? Everything was going great between the two until an event took place that made Sunny lose her temper.

Yes, guys in the act of agitation Sunny slapped Rajneesh not only once or twice, but six times in a row! The actor got slapped by the actress at a pub in Mumbai late night. This left everybody present there in shock including the actor. It was really shocking of the always humble and calm actress to get this mad that she slapped her once co-star and friend. Not only this but she slapped him several times and during the process, she badly hurt Rajneesh’s nose. Anyone could have got mad over the actress but Rajneesh controlled his temper.

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