These Bollywood Actresses Are Way Too Attention-Seeking!

They say, success has no short cut. For an aspiring actor, this is just true. There is no other substitute to relentless efforts and hard work. There are celebrities who have made it big only because they had the tenacity to stick to it and keep trying.However, not everyone! Some people would rather opt for a short cut, that is, cheap and meaningless publicity by doing attention-seeking stuff. While only an actor’s performance can determine his/her merit, these people are probably ignorant enough to not even realise that these stunts aren’t going to lead them anywhere good.
Have a look at five such Bollywood actresses!

Mallika Sherawat

Right! Mallika Sherawat, at Cannes, was gutsy enough to claim that she is the FIRST actress to wear a bikini and kiss on-screen. You probably forgot Sharmila Tagore’s name, Mallika!

Rakhi Sawant

Heh… we don’t even need to write anything. Do we? She is the self-proclaimed lady Bol Bachchan of Bollywood. Her hatred for Sunny Leone is stronger than her love for anyone else. Oh yes, she is THE expression queen of Bollywood too!


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