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What Happened Next With Madhuri Dixit Surprised Everyone

Bright smile, bubbly nature and strikingly awesome dance moves, is how generally people refer to Bollywood’s ‘Dhak dhak’ girl Madhuri Dixit. She has attained the highest level of fan following, with millions of people considering her as their idol. With whatever she has achieved, it is indeed inspirational! But, just like others, even she has had a tough time dealing with the controversies surrounding her. No stars life is complete without controversies and Madhuri is no exception.

Madhuri Dixit controversies.

Madhuri Dixit enjoyed the tag of the queen of Bollywood for a long time. She not only ruled in Bollywood but also ruled in the hearts of many. People were crazy after Madhuri. But along with her acting and dance the controversies of Madhuri also got quite famous.

Kissing scene with Vinod Khanna!

In 1988, Madhuri Dixit featured as a female lead opposite Vinod Khanna in a film called ‘Dayavan’. The pairing of the two was quite unusual considering Vinod Khanna being elder to Madhuri by 20 years. But more than this age gap, the bold scene shared by the two in the film grabbed a lot of attention.

Link-up with Anil Kapoor

The pairing of Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit is considered to be amongst the best ones that our Bollywood industry has ever witnessed. The two featured in numerous films and all of them were hit. Their crackling on-screen romance became the USP of the film leading to a rumour of the two being romantically involved in real life as well.

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