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What Happens To Outfits That Bollywood Stars Wear In Movies Is Really Heart-breaking

Besides some impeccable acting skills and a charismatic presence on screen, great-looking clothes can easily be attributed as one of the things that enhance an actor’s aura.

Most of our Bollywood filmmakers believe in dedicating a huge budget to the styling department and further prove that great outfits easily amplify the appeal of a film. Not just that, these clothes also set a trend for the youth.

But have you ever wondered what happens to these gracious looking clothes once the movie is over?

They make their way to the production house’s trunks.

Yes, by the time the last shot of the film is called, there are stacks of clothes left behind. A stylist for Yash Raj Films, Ayesha Khanna, claims that these lavish dresses are often locked up in trunks, with their movie names labelled over them and then forgotten. The labelling also involves who wore the outfit – the lead star, supporting cast, or the extras and then often rehashed for the production house’s future projects.

Of course, there’s a lot of precission involved in the mix-match and the idea is to not let the audiences realise that the outfit has been used from a previous film.

Ayyesha also added that Aishwarya Rai’s Kajra Re outfit was wore by a background dancer in Band Baaja Baaraat in 2010 but it came to no one’s notice. 

There are also times when an actor likes the outfit so much that they take it with them, with no questions asked, and when there’s a celebrity designer styling for the film, the designer takes the outfit.

All of this comes under the production costs incurred for a film.

However, there are also times when the outfits are auctioned by the makers of the film and the money goes to a charity. While Salman’s famous towel from the Jeene Ke Hai Chaar Din song was auctioned for ₹1,42,000, Aamir Khan’s cricket bat from Lagaan was sold for ₹1,56,000.

The idea of all these costumes being regularly auctioned in public domain have been toyed for many years now but there hasn’t been any concrete development on the same.

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